Energizing space whereever and whenever...

What is keeping us from our sleep ...

Interstellar transport by light.

Inspired by the STARSHOT Breakthrough Challenge.

And providing a compeling clean energy option on Earth

Inspired by the launch cost and space-based capabilities

About Photonicity

Photonicity is developing an optical-based wireless energy infrastructure that would provide an alternative source of energy for remote vehicle operators. With our solution, we help operators to reach revenue potential that is otherwise severely restricted by volume and power for payload on-board. Our tech would contribute to the aspirations of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative.

We aim to first test our wireless grids on the smallest objects ...

We are a team of technologists with expertise spanning from High-power laser, adaptive optics, space optics, power converters and ground facility design and deployment. We believe now is an interesting time where the TRL of the various parts of such a power distribution system is approaching maturity and space exploration is going through a revolution. Riding on this wave, we aspire to build the various building blocks that would enable cost-competitive space-based solar power and interstellar exploration.

Our journey was kickstarted when we were selected for the first cohort of Call-to-Orbit ESA call for an assessment of an in-orbit demonstration. We have since started to build on an IP portfolio, a credible team, recognized by various organizations/competitions and so the journey continues ...


On-demand delivery of energy to lunar rovers unlocks > 100x gain in productivity


Satellites and constellations to unlock > 3x gain in productivity


Unmatched ability to track and manipulate space objects < 10 cm

News Aug2021